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Transcripts of BBC's show Robin Hood

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Timeline [Jan. 24th, 2007|11:58 am]
Transcripts of BBC's show Robin Hood


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Canon and Historical Timeline

This is an attempt at a timeline for the series. It's been compiled from various sources and I have to admit I didn't check the online sources for accuracy or correctness. Furthermore, I am sure I missed several references made in the show - so any comments on this are muchly appreciated.

~ 12 years before the series: John is believed to be dead/becomes an outlaw [1-02: Little John does not know he has a son and Little Little John is about 11 years old - going by Clem Tibber's age]

5 years before the series: Robin and Much leave Locksley [Richard (not yet King) takes the cross in 1187; he sets out on the Third Crusade in the summer of 1190]

3 years before the series (winter of 1188/89): Guy of Gisborne comes to Locksley in order to run the estate [1-01: Gisborne tells Robin he's been running the estates under the Sheriff's guidance for "three years, four winters"]

3 years before the series: first appearance of the Nightwatchman [1-05: Marian tells her father she's been helping people far longer than Robin Hood, "three years"]

2 years before the series: Jane Scarlett dies of starvation [1-01: Dan Scarlett tells Robin about his wife's death]

1191: Gisborne tries to kill King Richard (wounds Robin) [Ep 1-08: flashback] [Richard I arrives at Acre in June 1191, Saladin surrenders on July 12, 1191]

~ 26-04-1192: Will You Tolerate This? [1-01: Robin reads the verdict at the hanging, stating the date]

02-09-1192: Richard I and Saladin agree on a three year truce

~ 08-09-1192: Tattoo? What Tattoo? [1-08: at the beginning of the episode Much states it's the King's Birthday]

~ Christmas 1192: Richard I is captured by Leopold V of Austria, near Vienna, sold to Henry IV

04-02-1194: Richard I is released

March 1194: Richard I returns to England

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[User Picture]From: magnifica7
2007-01-26 01:49 am (UTC)
Love the level of research you put into it.

Thank you - I'm into a couple of fandoms, more or less deeply, but there are only one or two that inspire serious research into canon/background.

I never thought to look up the King's birthday.

I toyed with the idea of a timeline for quite a while, always thinking "I will look this or that up later". "procrastination" is my middle name. *sigh*

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